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About Moscha

At sixteen, an audacious spirit drew Moscha to join her older sister in London where she completed her school years at the Hellenic College.  Moscha’s school years in London fed her passion for business and inspired her pursuit of a BA in Business Marketing at Lincoln University and Masters in Electronic Business Management at Warwick University.

Following graduation, Moscha obtained a position with international advertising agency Leo Burnett. As an Account Executive for Johnnie Walker and Special Malts, Moscha organized events for Special Malts, created mini-websites for national contests, and managed Johnnie Walker-Formula 1 advertising.

Seeking an even greater challenge, after a year and a half Moscha moved to one of the biggest ad agencies in the world, Spot Thompson JWT.  To this day, Moscha remembers being asked during her job interview, “You will be swimming on a stormy day in a very angry sea with sharks chasing you from every corner.  Are you sure you want to work here?” With her usual pluck, Moscha answered, “I know how to swim.”

It wasn’t long before she realized just how accurate a job description she had been given!  Moscha and her team were responsible for producing 2-4 television ads every week as well as weekly newspaper, magazine and radio ads, all of which required perfect coordination of time, communication with Vodafone and impeccable organization of creative, casting and film teams. On the days Moscha slept at the office, she was grateful for the experience with her family’s business as it prepared her to swim fast!

Satisfied though she was by her career, Moscha dreamed of Santorini when she closed her eyes.  When Stella called, they both realized their hearts had been calling for the same thing. After a long discussion, the two sisters returned to Santorini where they took over the family business and discovered the joy of doing what they love most…wedding planning and design.