Masha and Zhenia testimonial

Masha and Zhenia – Wedding in Greece

Masha and Zhenia and what they thought about their Wedding in Greece

Hi Stella and Moscha,

We are already in Moscow.. +32C here, so a little colder than Santorini
Thank you very much for taking such a good care of us. Organisation of the whole event, logistics, preparation was perfect. It was complicated, Russian priest, and Russian choir, last minute change of plans, every little detail counted and you paid attention to each and everyone of them. Great work, we are so happy (and relieved) to have chosen Santorini and you made it all just perfect.
People have been telling us that “this was the most fun wedding we’ve ever been to”, and we didn’t plan or count on it! It came out very naturally, spontaneously and smoothly, and you were to a huge extent responsible for it.
Thank you! It hasn’t sunk in yet.. How great it all has been.


Masha and Zhenia

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