Olive Grove Estate Wedding in Crete

Photography: Hanna Monika

A quintessentially Greek celebration of love amidst ancient olive trees and vineyards in the heart of Crete! This enchanting Greek American wedding was a dream come true for this sweet couple and their families at the stunning Agreco farm, where nature's beauty and organic styling came together in perfect harmony. With every step, you are immersed in the timeless allure of the Mediterranean, as the scent of olive groves and the whispers of the vines added a magical touch to the festivities.

This enchanting farm is the perfect backdrop for a rustic and traditional festivity and the silvery greens of olive leaves matched the surroundings perfectly only to be enhanced by the local music and wine.

Katie and Eric marked the beginning of a new chapter, as two cultures unite, embracing the heritage of both worlds in every heartwarming moment with this perfectly Cretan wedding but also a much needed welcome dinner at a local lounge restaurant by the beach, since when in Greece one is never too far from the sea!

As we bid farewell to this magical day, we carry with us the essence of Crete, the richness of Greek traditions, and the promise of love that blooms like the olive trees, enduring and evergreen.